Miles McFadden’s Internship Log


My goals

This post is not really about anything I did today but rather my life goals, including those that may be achieved or at least helped along by my time here at Athens' Own. I don't really know what my life goals actually are yet but I do know what I want now for my life. [...]

My holistic goal

Quality of life: 1. I want good health, both mental and physical. 2. I want financial stability and to be debt free. 3. I want meaningful and enjoyable friendships and relationships with friends, family and co-workers alike. Forms of production: 1. I want to produce profit from meaningful, fulfilling, and worthwhile work. 2. I want [...]

Updates + August 13

Since I haven't written and posted any logs recently,  I am writing an update/summary of what has happened since my last log. I of course don't remember everything that's happened but the high-point is the fact that I can package most everything by myself without a hitch. While Alyse and/or Constantine are off doing something [...]

July 11

On Thursday morning, Constantine and I started by him asking me what it was that I do that "gets me to the next gear", as if in a car. I think that he asked because it seems that I don't really "get excited" or even move fast while working with Athens' Own. Anyway, I said [...]

June 18, 20 and 21

Tuesday was a bit different because I had an appointment to go to so I only went an hour and a half to begin with, In that time, we made some new egg salad. Constantine was trying to teach me throughout making it that my obligation is not only to make really good food, but [...]

June 10-15

Last week, Alyse was gone on vacation so Constantine and I were on our own again. On Monday, we started by doing the usual coffee packaging, which I did beginning to end by myself. We did other things that  I don't remember because  I didn't write this when I should have. Afterwards, we went to [...]

June 3 and 4

On Monday, we first started by bagging coffee, which I did mostly by myself and I am probably able to do it next time completely by myself. After that I bagged some cashews while Constantine worked on a nice old coffee grinder that he had acquired. After we had finished with those things, Alyse and [...]

May 20

We have been asked if we can provide a kitchen and therefore cook at the Athens County Amateur Radio Association's Field day event and I in turn have been tasked to evaluate that request. First, if you don't happen to already know, field day is a 24 hour amateur radio event spanning the US and [...]

May 13 and 14

Monday, Constantine and I mainly only bagged coffee and cashews. The difference was in that Alyse was not here because she is still at her camper leader training camp, so Constantine and I had to manage by ourselves. It really gave me a chance to do both tasks without someone watching over and guiding me [...]

May 10

Friday, Constantine and I first bagged a few bags of Highlander grog because we had only one bag left, which is not enough for the market the next day. That's pretty good because that means that means the rest that we had bagged Monday or Tuesday had all been sold somewhere in the community. After [...]