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Education Meeting #3 20130812, Fed-Hock, OU CARE and AO

On Monday, August 12th, Constantine and Alyse met with several teachers from Federal Hocking Middle School to further discuss working to develop educational partnerships between Fed Hock, OU, and Athens' Own. The following is the abbreviated transcript and notes from that meeting, as taken by Alyse.     Third Education meeting: August 12, 2013   [...]

Doing One's Best

    What is Athens' Own doing?   I wrote recently about picking up turtles from the highway, in an attempt to save them. I also mentioned that in this metaphor, Athens' Own is trying to do more. However I didn't say exactly what more means. And unfortunately, I don't have a simple answer for [...]

Education Meeting #2 20130715, Fed-Hock, OU CARE and AO

  Meeting at Fed Hock High School – 7/15/13 In attendance: -Bill Elasky -Cliff Bonner -Constantine Faller -Alyse Carter -Miles McFadden   CF: To start, a little bit of background with Bill- through the window of business, we are working on building resilience. The solutions lie in places that are not part of our current [...]

An exercise in resilience, Just another day - July 11, 2013

As Miles, Constantine and I walked into the shared ACEnet kitchen this morning, like we do almost every morning, we halted suddenly, surprised by what lay in front of us. “What is this? Is this for anyone?” We remarked at the tray of four or five loaves of cinnamon sugar bread, left out on the [...]

Education Meeting #1 20130708, Fed-Hock, OU CARE and AO

Today we set out for our meeting with a local education professional with this thought in mind: How we go about using the day in front of us to make the most learning out of every experience?   Constantine and Alyse met with BE, director of the CARE program, on Monday, July 8th, for a [...]

Planning the Plan: Part 1 - "Letting go"

I think it's safe to say that at some point in your life, you have uttered the phrase: “I'm going to do something about this!” For the purposes of this explanation, what “this” is doesn't particularly matter. It could be a cause one feels strongly about, a percieved injustice, something one loves so much they [...]