Feb 252013

Athens’ Own meeting 2/24 -Reported by Mathew Roberts, Edited by Alyse Carter

Meeting time/place: Baker Center, 5pm


  • Reflection on articles
  • Recall Top Passion: systems-thinking exercise
  • Introduce PR project

How what we are doing impacts your passions~ we want to generate excitement!

>My Top thing I am passionate for: Sustainable Agriculture (permaculture), local food production, CSA programs

“Creating strong local food systems has potential to be the greatest force in the fight against climate change. Animal agriculture is the greatest factor in human-induced climate change; 40 % more emissions than all transportation combined. CSA programs create an attitude shift towards eating with natural seasons, while also creating jobs and keeping economy localized. Finally, by following natural, ecological design and promoting biodiversity, sustainable agricultural practices keep the environment healthy.”

Alyse: Preserving wilderness areas. Connected to writing press releases about Vermicompost.

Anna: Animal Rights. Connected to social media posting.

Miles: Community building, local market emphasis. Connected to cooking at the Farmer’s market.


>Systems-thinking brainstorming

My Question: How does buying cashews help the global climate crisis?

  • Local family recipe adds to artisan value, thus potentially preventing a purchase from a mass producer
  • Nutritional value: Cashews provide protein, fiber, fat — A great meat substitute to personally impact factory farming footprint
  • Potential of bags to be used for other storage, resealable;  extending bag life


>>PR Project

Consumer Interest Survey – We want to know what the customers want us to do with our funds.

Outlets: Farmer’s Market, Seaman’s, online

Possible Incentive: $1.00 off coupon for coffee, %10 off, etc


— Social Media monitoring


— Advertising or Reporting of final steps, conclusions back to community (Chain of command to Constantine)

— QR code (and/or) Check-box survey to slip in comment box


First steps/ assignments:

Team Work: Each intern compile 2-3 questions for survey

Deadline: Monday 7 p.m, via online message board, to be put into place by Alyse, by noon Monday. Secondary form of communication: email.

Next steps to be discussed at online meeting.


Alyse concluded the meeting with a scheduling discussion. Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.



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