Espresso Blend



Custom blended for espresso brewing.

1/2 lb Whole Bean: $8.30

1/2 lb Ground: $8.60

1 lb Whole Bean: $16.60

1 lb Ground: $17.20

5 lbs Bulk Bean: $78.50

5 lbs Bulk Ground: $81.50

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  2 Responses to “Espresso Blend”

  1. Hi, I am wondering if you sell green coffee beans? I’d like to roast myself.

    Also, which region and country are these coffee beans are from?

    I’m wondering if you could share specs of coffee beans you use?

    Where do you get your beans from? Perhaps from Sweet Maria’s?

    When we moved to Athens, Silver bridge coffee was the only local coffee we knew about, so we kept buying them.
    But I found out recently that you sell coffee beans and you are even closer to us and they are organic, fair trade, and shade grown. I was so happy to find out about your product!:)

  2. Yes we do have green high mountain Peruvian Cafe Feminino beans. While they are not listed in our shopping cart, they are available for direct purchase. Constantine

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