Oct 032013

This log is an update about everything (that I remember) since my last log.

Firstly, I believe that since my last log is when Alyse decided that her time at Athens’ Own was up, and it was time to leave. She has gone on to other things, and now it is just Constantine and myself, until new interns sign up. It has been a slight challenge at times, without her help, but it’s a good challenge. Without her, it’s pretty much just up to me to keep the website actually running and everything. She also made all/most of the weekly orders and that’s now up to us to do.

We have also recently stopped going to the Wednesday farmer’s market, for different reasons. One reason being of course it being the Wednesday market and later in the year, it got quite slow and just not worth doing. Another reason is that we can now use that time better for other things like planing a better, bigger, more efficient kitchen, which leads me to my next point. We have also more recently stopped cooking at the Saturday market until we get a kitchen plan together. I have been doing (twice so far) the Saturday market myself with just the coffee, cashews and sausage while Constantine stays back home and works on more important things. Before that first solo market, I also did the OU mini market. Since it wasn’t the other market, we could and did take the aged cheese to sell. That was fun, selling the cheese, since we haven’t sold any cheese at a market in a while.

Another important thing that has happened/is happening is that we are moving (slowly, but nonetheless moving) toward my working here at Athens’ Own being official paid work. I think there are multiple different reasons for this change in my work: Alyse is gone, thereby giving me a lot more responsibility than before. I have graduated from high school so the learning involved is not as important to my education as it was before. I am 19 so it is time/important that I get a job. Lastly, I think that it is also continuing my holistic goal to have financial stability, even if that stability is mostly saved for the future and not really for the present.

One other thing that has happened is that I have made some solo deliveries to Seaman’s, one regular scheduled Tuesday delivery with coffee and cheese and another delivery (yesterday) with meat, lots of meat. Besides being a solo, I believe it was also my first time on a meat delivery at all, and by that I mean a meat delivery that I was involved with.

Other things happened: a tour of kids from Fed. Hock. high school at Broadwell, other things I don’t remember and Athens’ Fest up at Hills’ Market in Columbus on Saturday, Oct. 12, and they have invited us to come up and sample out our sausage, like we did before. I will be going up to do that (solo) and that should be fun.

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