Mar 222016

Good morning Sara,

Thank you for expressing an interest to intern with our firm.

We noticed on your application, where it ask “what are three contemporary issues/problems you are most concerned about?”, a response of n/a.

Can you explain further?

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  1. There are so many ongoing problems and issues in the world that I could discuss on here. Three contemporary issues that are most important to me though are causes of poverty, foreign affairs, and this coming election cycle in America.

    Poverty affects so many people in America, and even in the world and thus is a very important issue for people to talk about. Foreign policies affects what goes on at home, in America, and it cannot and should not be ignored. I am a political science major so I have been very interested in these elections, especially since this will be my first time being able to vote in a presidential election. The candidate who wins will be affecting our lives every day for the next four years.

    • Thanks for sharing these ‘issues’.

      Back to the question above.
      Did you enter n/a, or was it already on our form?
      If you entered n/a, does it mean “not applicable”?
      Can you explain further?

      • I believe I enter n/a at the time since I was not sure what it was exactly asking for, but n/a does mean not applicable.

        • Your more elaborate response above reflects basic conceptional understanding of the question. So, since we strive for improvement , how do you suggest we improve the question in order to minimize misunderstanding? What wording would have worked better for you?

        • Not applicable is the only meaning i know of for n/a, so you might want to exercise caution in using it on a professional document, of which your job application is one.

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