Doorway number 1: stepping outside of my comfort zone

So you are considering internship with our firm.

  • Step 1, you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the content of both websites., and
  • Step 2, you have decided you are still just crazy enough to think you could benefit from internship with Athens’ Own
  • Step 3, you have turned in your FLAWLESS application, cover letter and resume.
  • Step 4, prepare for interview.
    • Completely read both websites, with particular attention to understanding all materials related to internship?”.
    • Holistic Management
      • Read chapters 1-6 of ‘At Home With Holistic Management’ by Ann Adams.*
      • Develop your personal Whole and your personal Holisticgoal.*
        • * Tutorial assistance is available if needed.
    • Complete the online training for Incident Command, level 100. ICS 100
  • Step 5, continue participation in site discussions.
  • Step 6, schedule interview.

If internship with Athens’ Own sounds like just the challenge you are looking for to enrich your professional portfolio, we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you feel this is a bit too much application just to get to interview?  You are applying for the Student Sustainability and Resilience Warrior equivalent of American Idol, and you may not be ready for such a challenge at this time. Possibly a more traditional internship with another firm may be more suited to your needs.