Employment opportunities


Employment Opportunities are available upon completion of the Athens’ Own Worker Readiness Certification, via the internship program or volunteer work.

More information on Internship is available here.

At Distance Resilience Marketing Specialist”

Job Description: Marketing

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Plan and execute the marketing strategies of Athens’ Own.
  • Develop and Co-ordinate Strategic Communications of the company vision and initiatives with all partners: business, community, academic, and organization, including The American Sustainable Business Council. Take a leadership role to facilitate democratic participation among these shareholders.
  • Develop KPI matrices, metrics, and associated feedback loops to evaluate marketing strategies, sales, and other outcomes against long term vision and goals.
  • Co-ordinate with planning, team decision makers, stakeholders, and other relevant officers.
  • Thorough understanding of the relevance between KPIs, Holistic Management, Situation Analysis, Sustainability, and Resilience
  • Thorough understanding of the relevance and interconnectedness of Seventh Generation thinking, Resilience, Climate Change Mitigation, and the successful business of the future
  • Desire to demonstrate that long ranging investment will eventually win out over short term profits
  • Capable of complex systems and big data analysis and non-standard application
  • Athens’ Own Resilience Worker Readiness Certificate
  • Resourceful, innovative, self-motivated assured and directed, organized
  • can make a commitment to do one’s best, not take anything personally, not to make assumptions, and to be impeccable with one’s word
  • strengths will include research, writing including grammar, punctuation, and spelling, dilligent follow through, networking, leadership, ability to function in a dynamic team.
  • Computer: Excel, Word, WordPress, Access and Design a plus
  • Working familiarity with CRM, CMS, SEO, SEM, CDN, ORM: what they are and how they can be useful towards marketing goals and strategies

At Distance Resilience Communications and Education Specialist”

Job Description: Communications

  •  Manages production, output and improvement of a variety of communications and education materials related to the mission and goals of Athens’ Own.
  •  Documents and reflects on activities, with an emphasis on: analyzing and increasing efficiency, development of systems, building educational modules
  •  Attempts to maximize the use of every action in attempt to achieve the greatest benefit from the smallest amount of energy, and continually improve the systems in place. This “maximization of actions” includes personal reflective documents, creativity, actions as a member of the team, and enhancing educational opportunities for student interns.

Specific jobs which may be undertaken and/or managed by the “At Distance Resilience Communication Specialist”

  • Creating and managing website design and content,
  • Drafting formal business communications to relevant contacts,
  • Placing and receiving business calls in a professional and appropriate manner
  • Developing and maintaining important contacts/ networking opportunities such as OU faculty
  • Developing public/private informational materials such as newsletters, flyers, etc,
  • Creates specific communications- internship postings, surveys, press releases, etc
  • Creates documentation for internal use/ team informational purposes
  • Organizes, leads, and focuses actions of communications teams and teams of teams (when available) in above areas.
  • If no previous records of one’s position exists, by actions in this job, create a documented framework or “path” for the next person to follow, including a description of one’s own job. This will minimize the amount of “orientation” time needed for the following person, which in turn improves the systems in use. If previous job did exist: through actions and reflections, expand, edit and enhance previously created description, as duties develop, change, and/or evolve.

Desired Skills: Essential Talents of an “At Distance Resilience Communications and Education Specialist”

  • Professional Research, Writing, Editing, and Proofreading
  • MS Word Excel Access, WordPress Design, Adobe Illustrator Dreamweaver Photoshop
  • Self-confident, Adaptable, and Dynamic Change Agent
  • Highly motivated self-starter
  • Highly Organized & Strong Analytical Abilities
  • Integrity and Ethical Leadership
  • Experiential and Lifelong Learning
  • Heart of Service
  • Critical, Creative, Innovative, Holistic, Visionary, Multi-Generational, and Systems Thinking
  • At Distance Networking Technologies