Dawn Chorus Coffee


Dawn Chorus Coffee is locally roasted, fair trade, organic, and shade-grown. Try the best coffee in Athens! Read more about our coffee at the bottom of the page, or click on a coffee roast below to see a product description, prices, and options.

Please contact us for bulk pricing options – constantine@athensown.biz

Dawn Chorus Coffee is:


Fair Trade:

Fair Trade means the coffee is purchased from the growers which provide better working conditions for their farmers. This coffee is purchased at a higher price, and ensures that the farmers, growers, and producers all receive a fair working wage.


Shade Grown:

Coffee grown under a healthy canopy of trees and other plants is better for the natural ecosystem. Many large corporate coffee producers will clear-cut land to grow coffee more efficiently. However, coffee grows naturally in shady areas. Shade grown coffee minimizes destruction of natural areas and resources, and creates a more natural, healthy coffee plant.



Organic foods are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic modification.


Cafe Femenino Certified:

The Cafe Femenino Coffee Project supports women in coffee producing countries. The program helps to build educational opportunities, living-wage jobs, and stable family life for women who are oppressed by traditionalized social standards in these countries. Read more about Cafe Femenino on their website www.cafefemenino.com