Internship Opportunities


For even more information, please check out the interns’ logs and the internship coordinator’s blog, found on our Internship information pages.

Want to get involved with Athens’ Own?


There are a million ways to help us enhance our local community. Take a look around you and take notice of the situation. Figure out what you are passionate about, then start working towards a positive change! “Vision,  act on your vision,  network your actions”

Athens’ Own is constantly working to enact the greatest change from the smallest amount of energy. Take a systematic approach to move forward toward your goals. Don’t forget to raise your voice and participate in the democracy going on around you!


Want to work with Athens’ Own specifically?


Our internships are open and flexible, and provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds, with all kinds of talents, to help strengthen community. To learn more about how our internships work and how to apply, visit our internship page, at


We also have many volunteer opportunities available, both with Athens’ Own, and many of our collaborative partners. We would love your help! If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at: