Athens’ Own Partners


Athens’ Own works with its partners to develop, distribute, and market products. But more than that, we work together to create systems of cooperation that we can all rely on. Our goal is to strengthen our community bonds and resilience through our partnerships. A list of our current partners can be found at the bottom of this page.


Why should you work with Athens’ Own?


We sell!
  • Athens’ Own is committed to producing, creating, developing, and distributing artisan-style products. We pride ourselves on having the best product available in Athens, and we work hard to make sure the price of our products accurately represents the quality and the work required to produce it.
  • Athens’ Own partners have the unique opportunity to serve our products, or to have us help you sell your product to our marketing network and other partners.


We fix!
  • We consider Athens’ Own to be a hub of community resources, and we are more than happy  to provide these resources to assist our partners. This includes maintenance, repairs, general servicing and supply. Athens’ Own Steward, Constantine Faller, has years of experience in repair, up-cycling, and innovation.


We teach!
  • We provide countless learning opportunities for community members and Ohio University students, including hands-on training, real-world job skills development, and community service.
  • Our internship programs are intensive and rewarding, and we provide our unique Worker Readiness Certification to all interns who successfully complete the first level of the program. This certificate is our promise to future employers that the recipient is the best of the best. We personally oversee the certificate criteria, and custom-tailor assignments to best facilitate learning.
  • We offer mentorship and consultation in a variety of areas, including communications, web development, DIY and repairs, business strategies, community activism, composting, and sustainable living.


We trade!
  • Our partnerships are based on mutual assistance and benefit. We are pleased to provide our services, in exchange for yours. In order to build a more resilient society, we try to rely on each other and our available resources, instead of on bills and IOUs.


We connect!
  • Athens’ Own doesn’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. If there is someone out there who already has the skills and the knowledge to help you, we will find them!
  • We will help you find solutions. For example, if you want to sell local eggs, but don’t know where to get them, chances are we do! We will make that connection for you, not only saving you time and money, but also helping you to better contribute to a healthy community economy.
  • We believe in teamwork, which is why we use the term “collaborative partners”. We are all working together to help each other.


We care!
  • We love Athens, and we love you for supporting Athens! Our goal is to increase the resilience of Athens and the surrounding communities, so as to preserve this special place indefinitely.
  • We want to instill a sense of greater purpose and meaning into our work, as well as the work of our partners.
  • Similarly, if we can teach you something useful to help improve your understanding of resilience and sustainability, which will in turn increase the benefit to the community, we are glad to be of service.



For information on becoming a collaborative partner, please Click Here to contact us!


Our current partners: