Thermos Insulated Travel Mugs


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Thermos® brand, “Nissan”™ insulated travel mugs. Completely leak proof! With the lid on, these great mugs can be turned upside down, and you won’t spill a drop. Hook your hot coffee to your belt without the fear of getting scalded. Very durable, the preferred mugs for the Athens’ Own resilience building team. Say no to plastic and styrofoam, and choose to re-use!

Tumbler (JML350) pictured on the left, Coffee mug (JMQ400) on the right. Airpots available for sale soon.

1/2/18 update: In their infinite wisdom, Thermos Nissan has decided to discontinue production of the Model JMQ400 mug with handle. We do so hope they reconsider.

JML350 is now in limited quantities. We can respond with a lead time to all who are interested in purchasing.

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