Dry Aged Beef

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Zero Antibiotics, no human induced growth hormones or promotents.

Filet Mignon – $80/lb.

Rib and New York Strip steaks – $75/lb

All ribeyes available for immediate shipping are boneless and cut 8 oz. steaks.  Whole rib or custom cuts depend on the inventory of currently hanging beef and/or your patience. 

Tenderloin and strip loin available for immediate shipping are boneless and are sold fully trimmed whole or cut to your specifications.

Bone-in is not available beyond 5 weeks aging, unless you are purchasing the entire hanging rib or loin.

For custom request, please email constantine@athensown.biz.

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Filet Mignon, Rib Steak, New York Strip Steak

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  1. Our beef was Very Quiet. This is a Good Thing. Let me explain. My wife’s family consists almost totally of people who love cooking and love eating! Their responses to food fall into three categories. The lowest category is the Quiet/Noisy category, when there is an intake of breath followed by noisy conversation to disguise the dislike of the food. The second level is the Constant Conversation where the food is good, they can enjoy it, and continue to talk. The third, and best category is the Very Quiet level where you may just hear an “OMG”, but the sound of silence is broken only by the clicking of utensils and the occasional barely suppressed moan of pleasure. The Athens’ Own Dry Aged Beef falls firmly into VQ territory. I can offer no higher praise. 🙂

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