Apr 182013

Wednesday, we primarily tried the Wednesday farmers market again. We had been doing the market awhile ago and so we thought we might try it again. It was nice, consisting of some different shoppers than the regular market on Saturdays. We also have a choice: Constantine would like to either, make the Wednesday market a full setup like Saturdays with cooking and everything or, get to the point where we (Alyse, me and Katie) shall be able to do it without Constantine coming into town at all. I think both are good, but, we can’t really do both. They both have their pluses and minuses, Wednesday being cooking. Alyse thinks that more people will come from work at noon in order to get lunch on Wednesdays, which is probably true. On the other hand, being able to do the market without Constantine would be quite resilient, which is pretty much the whole point of Athens’ Own. Resilient in that while we do the market, he would be free to do whatever he needs to do, whether at home or at ACEnet, therefore a better use of that time. The three of us would also learn how to run the stand the whole time without his help.

On Thursday, we first made and packaged cashews, which was Katie’s first time. After that while waiting for Constantine to get there, we worked on a video presentation for the worker readiness certification with prezi. We still need to work on it obviously because we don’t really know our way around the system yet. I am also sort of tasked with learning it and finding out everything about it I can, mainly because Alyse doesn’t really have the time to, but it should still be fun. Constantine and I also made some bean soup with a pressure cooker, which I hadn’t ever used before so that was cool.

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