Jan 282013
I am a junior at Ohio University and knew it was about time I began searching for an internship that would help me gain knowledge in how a professional business works. I searched the Scripps School of Journalism website for an internship that would help expand my talents in my major, Strategic Communication. I came across Athens’ Own and learned quickly that this internship would be an eye opening and rewarding experience. The description Athens’ Own’s website offered was unique and I wanted to learn more. I met with Alyse, the intern coordinator over my winter break where she explained to me about the local company and how their main goals consist of resilience and sustainability within the Athens community. I left the interview pleased and excited to embark on this new journey.
When I was home I studied what Athens’ Own is all about and completed the Incident Command System. I tried to tie together why that specific system is used for this company, and realized once I met with Alyse again that we are currently facing problems where working together to solve them in this manner is necessary.
On Thursday, January 24th I made my way to ACEnet for the very first time to begin my orientation as an Athens’ Own intern. I was very excited and was not expecting to learn what I did in just two short hours. I met with Alyse and also got the chance to speak with Constantine for the first time. Alyse and I got to work immediately. At first she gave me a tour and helped me understand more what Athens’ Own does at ACEnet. I found it very interesting that several companies use this warehouse but they do different tasks for their different jobs. Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt welcomed. We then went to stamp coffee bags. While Alyse did the stamping, I brainstormed what I believed the problems in this world are at this time. I wrote down a lot more than I expected, which is sad to think about how many people struggle in this world. Alyse and I discussed the major problems people face including health, education, money, air, food, and water. I learned that as well as working with other companies and selling products, this company tries to help fix these main problems we face. I found this to be very warming and unlike any other company I have been a part of.
After stamping, sorting, and placing stickers which label the coffees on the eco friendly coffee bags, Alyse showed me the different coffee beans. I worked in a coffee shop for years, and I love everything about coffee. I got to smell the hazelnut flavored beans and immediately fell in love. I learned that the people working at ACEnet always bring their own coffee mug in to drink some of Constantine’s favorite roast, which I will have to do next time. I love how they do not just use cups and throw them away.
Overall my first day was very information packed and it opened my mind more than I was expecting. I am interested for my next task and I cannot wait to see what else Athens’ Own has in store for me.