Feb 062015

My whole:

Decision Makers: Me, Aubrey, Dad, Mom

Resources: house, family, technological devices, car (x3), tools/shop, power machinery,         friends, customers, internet, greenhouse, co-workers (former and present), teachers, land, utilities,   government

Money: Savings, tax refund, stocks, market sales, salary, scholarships, odd jobs,



Holistic goal: Live to experience great enjoyment, keep health(but not to the point of restricting other aspects), make an above average living wage, enjoy my work, sharpen my mind, listen to great music, look at great art, see the world, finish college, be conservative with how much I consume, do not obsess over work, remember those who were there for you, bring change in ways that I see as beneficial, do not fall to others superimposing ideas upon me (find them in my own ways), make new friends and make sure the old ones are lifelong friends,  get a better car, be nature friendly, never forget my roots, read more, have a life outside work, set up garden/bird watching sight, have internet, never stop enjoying things because you think you have to stop enjoying them as you grow, adapt to new times, be prepared for whatever may come, watch more current events, don’t die till over 75.

Jan 222015

This week has been a rather short one; I only worked one day this week due to sickness and holidays. I feel, however, that the one day I came in this week was more satisfying than the rest of last week combined. I feel that I gained some very helpful information in the form of alternative thinking in a career search, many connections I had not yet thought of applying to a potential career path. I also found the information on three pillars fairly thought provoking. Well, week two signing off.

Jan 212015

Well, here we are first week here at Athens’ Own. Can’t say I’m too sure what I will be doing quite yet, but the company seems like it has a wide range of things it goes into, so I suppose I’ll have many potential opportunities. Well, only time will tell I suppose.