Constantine’s Log


Project Proposal

My time at Ohio University has opened my eyes to some of the privileges I've had in life. The most substantial being my availability to food. There has never been a time in my life where I have not been able to feed myself, and this is something I believe has blinded many of my [...]

2015 Summer Internship Team > Tryouts

This blog thread will: Communicate with all 2015 Summer Intern applicants This blog thread will attempt to: Answer questions applicants may have in a manner that can be of benefit to current and future applicants Paint a picture of our approach to business, education, and resilience that may currently be unfamiliar to our applicants Offer applicants an [...]

Wholistic Goal and My Whole

My whole: Decision Makers: Me, Aubrey, Dad, Mom Resources: house, family, technological devices, car (x3), tools/shop, power machinery,         friends, customers, internet, greenhouse, co-workers (former and present), teachers, land, utilities,   government Money: Savings, tax refund, stocks, market sales, salary, scholarships, odd jobs,     Holistic goal: Live to experience great enjoyment, keep health(but not to the [...]

Week 2

This week has been a rather short one; I only worked one day this week due to sickness and holidays. I feel, however, that the one day I came in this week was more satisfying than the rest of last week combined. I feel that I gained some very helpful information in the form of [...]

First Week

Well, here we are first week here at Athens' Own. Can’t say I’m too sure what I will be doing quite yet, but the company seems like it has a wide range of things it goes into, so I suppose I’ll have many potential opportunities. Well, only time will tell I suppose.

Message to Fed-Hock students:

Here's what is going on in the world around us, as we see it. I bet you think the world is pretty darn good for what it is. Maybe a war somewhere overseas. Maybe a disease somewhere, a disease that we here in the "developed world" have beaten. You might have even heard about the [...]

Convince Constantine to help me work on resilience

Today, Constantine asked me to convince him why he should help me work on resilience. Actually, help me help my whole family become more resilient. Right away by the way I was speaking, and the way I did what I did, he thought that I maybe didn't want his help in that area (or maybe [...]

To any future interns:

This post is to inform potential future interns as to what Athens' Own is like, and what they are getting into. First, I want to say to you, potential intern, good choice in even looking at Athens' Own! I know that if I were again looking for an internship or a job, (on the surface) [...]

My time to fly

During the past week, lots of things have been said and talked about, and so I have thought a lot about all those things said during my past week, the weekend and my day with mom. Overall, I have come to the sad, but mentally unanimous conclusion and decision: It is my time to leave [...]

Oct 22-24

The main thing Tuesday besides the usual coffee, cashews Seaman's and the like, was that Constantine asked me to think about a question. This question: " Let's say we are in a plane flying one way, one way in that it WILL run out of fuel and that we WILL have to parachute out. No [...]