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Reflections May 6th

I began my day at the Broadwell Hill Learning Center being greeted by Shiloh and Tala, and of course getting covered in hair as they begged for attention. Once they got their hellos, I began talking with Kathy about how she raises her worms and the concepts of verma-compost. I had never known that worms [...]

Written application, cover letter, and resume

The above documents are expected to be flawless with respect to syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. If you need help with these skills, find the appropriate resources BEFORE submitting your documents. Our intake review team DOES NOT look favorably on errors in this regard, or at any time during internship. If you want us to [...]

Construction Zone

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Alec's Application and Tryouts

Good evening Alec, and thank you for expressing interest to intern with our firm. Your next steps in application will help prepare you for interview and tryouts, as well as increase the chances of a positive outcome on this adventure. First, if you don't already have one, procure a copy of  'At Home With Holistic [...]

Application and Tryouts

Good morning Sara, Thank you for expressing an interest to intern with our firm. We noticed on your application, where it ask "what are three contemporary issues/problems you are most concerned about?", a response of n/a. Can you explain further?

Project Proposal

My time at Ohio University has opened my eyes to some of the privileges I've had in life. The most substantial being my availability to food. There has never been a time in my life where I have not been able to feed myself, and this is something I believe has blinded many of my [...]

2015 Summer Internship Team > Tryouts

This blog thread will: Communicate with all 2015 Summer Intern applicants This blog thread will attempt to: Answer questions applicants may have in a manner that can be of benefit to current and future applicants Paint a picture of our approach to business, education, and resilience that may currently be unfamiliar to our applicants Offer applicants an [...]

Wholistic Goal and My Whole

My whole: Decision Makers: Me, Aubrey, Dad, Mom Resources: house, family, technological devices, car (x3), tools/shop, power machinery,         friends, customers, internet, greenhouse, co-workers (former and present), teachers, land, utilities,   government Money: Savings, tax refund, stocks, market sales, salary, scholarships, odd jobs,     Holistic goal: Live to experience great enjoyment, keep health(but not to the [...]

Week 2

This week has been a rather short one; I only worked one day this week due to sickness and holidays. I feel, however, that the one day I came in this week was more satisfying than the rest of last week combined. I feel that I gained some very helpful information in the form of [...]