Eli Overstreet’s Internship Log


Wholistic Goal and My Whole

My whole: Decision Makers: Me, Aubrey, Dad, Mom Resources: house, family, technological devices, car (x3), tools/shop, power machinery,         friends, customers, internet, greenhouse, co-workers (former and present), teachers, land, utilities,   government Money: Savings, tax refund, stocks, market sales, salary, scholarships, odd jobs,     Holistic goal: Live to experience great enjoyment, keep health(but not to the [...]

Week 2

This week has been a rather short one; I only worked one day this week due to sickness and holidays. I feel, however, that the one day I came in this week was more satisfying than the rest of last week combined. I feel that I gained some very helpful information in the form of [...]

First Week

Well, here we are first week here at Athens' Own. Can’t say I’m too sure what I will be doing quite yet, but the company seems like it has a wide range of things it goes into, so I suppose I’ll have many potential opportunities. Well, only time will tell I suppose.