Internship Information


Welcome to the Internship Information Pages

This blog is here to help give current and future interns a better understanding of what an internship with Athens’ Own is all about. If you’re thinking of applying for an internship, please read over all the posts on this page, and follow the link at the bottom to apply.


This blog thread will attempt, as much as possible, to:

  • Provide you the information needed to decide if Internship With Athens’ Own is a good fit for your goals
  • Answer questions you may have in a manner that can be of benefit to past, current, and future applicants
  • Paint a picture of our approach to business, education, and resilience
  • Offer you an idea of what you might expect, and what will be expected of you
  • Augment content that is already covered by Alyse in existing threads below and elsewhere


To apply for an internship with Athens’ Own, please visit the online application at