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Dawn Chorus Coffee is:

Fair Trade:

Fair Trade means the coffee is purchased from the growers which provide better working conditions for their farmers. This coffee is purchased at a higher price, and ensures that the farmers, growers, and producers all receive a fair working wage.

Shade Grown:

Coffee grown under a healthy canopy of trees and other plants is better for the natural ecosystem. Many large corporate coffee producers will clear-cut land to grow coffee more efficiently. However, coffee grows naturally in shady areas. Shade grown coffee minimizes destruction of natural areas and resources, and creates a more natural, healthy coffee plant.


Organic foods are grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic modification.

Cafe Femenino Certified:

The Cafe Femenino Coffee Project supports women in coffee producing countries. The program helps to build educational opportunities, living-wage jobs, and stable family life for women who are oppressed by traditionalized social standards in these countries. Read more about Cafe Femenino on their website www.cafefemenino.com



Dawn Chorus Coffee FAQs:


Q: Where are the beans from?

A: Peru, although the particular way we roast the beans reduces much of the regional flavor. We have found that truly exceptional coffee comes more from the art of roasting it, and less from the country’s variety.


Q: Do you grow this coffee here in Athens?

A:  Coffea plants (The genus of plants which produce the coffee bean) do not grow naturally anywhere in North America. Basically, it is not possible for us to grow our own coffee without an elaborate and expensive indoor climate-controlled system. Instead, we choose to purchase our green coffee beans through the Cafe Femenino Project, which you can read about in the above description.


Q: What are your different varieties of coffee?

A: We offer the following varieties of coffee: French Roast (Dark), Vienna Roast (Medium), Full City Roast (Light), Espresso Blend, Highlander Grogg (Carmel-nut-butterscotch flavored), and Hazelnut flavored. Please visit our shop page for more info, photos, and prices – www.athensown.biz/store/coffee


Q: Can I order Dawn Chorus Coffee in bulk? Can I order a large number of 1/2lb bags? Can I purchase coffee to serve at my office/business?

A: YES! We take all kinds of specialty/ custom orders. Please send an email to info@athensown.biz with your request and we will do our best to accommodate you!


Q: I like a certain kind/ flavor of coffee that you don’t offer. Can you do custom roasting?

A: We are always interested in hearing what new things our customers would like us to serve or sell. If you have a particular taste that isn’t satisfied by the coffees we already offer, please send us an email and we will see what we can do for you!


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