Dec 032012

Ready for day 1?

I am about to start an internship with Athens’ Own, and as of now, I don’t have any idea what I am getting myself into. Knowing from the application and the website that this will not be a “traditional” internship is both intimidating and exciting. When I think about an “internship” in the traditional sense, I picture a young, college-age person trying to gain experience in their field by working for a company, but usually only being allowed to do small jobs, such as getting coffee for the higher-ups, or filing paperwork and so on. While I suppose this type of internship might allow you to meet people and network, it doesn’t seem like the kind of experience that would help one strengthen his or her education and skills. In that way, a “non-traditional” internship with Athens’ Own sounds like it might give me the opportunity to really get involved and make a difference with this company.

At the same time, I am a bit apprehensive about what exactly will be expected of me. Since I have only a limited understanding of what Athens’ Own does, I am unsure of how I should approach my first day. From my classes, I have a basic understanding of what Resilience is, but I am eager to see how Athens’ Own defines it, and specifically how Constantine and Athens’ Own are working to make Athens a more resilient community. I did have the opportunity to visit the Broadwell Hill Learning Center, which was an eye-opening example of practical and sustainable off-grid living. I am excited to learn more about that lifestyle, although I can see how it would be tough for most people to adapt to. I also know that Athens’ Own is a food distributor, and that they make many of the products they sell. I am looking forward to learning about the sources and the processes involved in making the products, and to try them myself, of course! So while I feel that I do have some base knowledge of Athens’ Own, I know it is only the tip of the iceberg, and I can’t yet imagine what is below the surface.

I think that I am lucky to have this opportunity ahead of me, and the open door in front of me to begin this experience. Although I am not sure what I will find on the other side, I am resolved to open it and take those first steps. I hope I am prepared for what is on the other side, and if not, that I can think on my toes and adapt to anything that is thrown my way. If the definition of resilience is “Positive adaptation to perceived change”, then this internship should give me a great chance to test out my own personal resilience, while working towards it on a bigger scale.



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