Jan 232013

It’s great to be logged in again. The best surprise of the winter break was hearing that Athens’ Own welcomed new members to the team. Hello Emma Buchanan, my fellow blogger. It’s a pleasure to this point to read your insights and discover new perspectives from your eyes.  The spark of the new semester was challenging, but I feel prepared for new action and activities.

I went to the Farmers’ Market with Gracie, a prospective intern and my best friend to visit the AO booth. One of the first things I noticed besides the absense of the usual overhanging tents were the newly designed price/info tags for the food. And more surprisingly the creative work of Alyse to organize the strength of the  morning brew by color coding. As usual, Miles sizzled curiousness from the crowd and I attempted to hold myself back from the cheesy grits.

Gracie’s mother Chris, an assistant professor in the school of nursing, stopped by the market last weekend. She told me that she experienced her first taste of steel-cut oats. ” I got oatmeal with steel-cut oats. It had raisins and was on a table with many different types of coffee. Immediately I knew that she had stopped by the Athens’ Own table. Although it was a first for Chris, I was pleased to hear the Athens’ Own name outside of the home boundaries.

It has been some time since I have been this excited about starting a new term. Half of my classes directly connect to concepts of the Athens’ Own mission. These classes are topics that include climate change, writing  in environmental sustainability, and environmental geography. These topics are important components of a sustainability education because the Earth cannot be environmentally sustainable if humans cause massive climate change and if advocates don’t understand their  home region.

Getting to know the Athens natural area will take extra time on my part. A few visits to the Broadwell Hill Learning Center could help if I do find the time to do so. My personal goal however is to get back to the basics. If I am going to be a strong advocate for sustainability I want to understand its literature and writing style. Planning this last semester was tricky, but my writing course should complement well with my commitment to College Green magazine. For them, I will read 4-5 books this semester and write book reviews for them.

It’s great to be back in Athens. I’ll be sure to fill everyone in project by project.

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