Jan 262013

I came to the farmer’s market today with the mission to help those interested in working at the Athens’ Own booth. Today the booth experimented with a new alignment that allows the cook (Miles) to be away from the natural flow of traffic of selling the products. I recorded the entire set-up from the AO workers’ point of view. We will be creating a visual map of this set-up if this new strategy becomes the norm; if not then we will create a map of the previous set-up.

I have a few notes that I have found to be interesting from my visit today.

Peppers                            Quart Jar                                    $10.00

Cashews                                 4oz                                          $2.50

”                                            12oz                                       $7.50

*Cashews are a secret family recipe of Constantine’s family. These spiced nuts are made every holiday gathering and has traveled generations to reach the Athens’ Own business.

Constantine’s On State

Oatmeal                          Bowl                               $2.00

Cheezy Grits                 Bowl                               $3.00

Coffee                             Cup                                  $2.50/3.00

Greens                            Bowl                                $2.00

Hamburgers                 Platter                            $6.00

w/Chips and Pickles

Worm Castings          Bag                                      $7.00

*Cheezy Grits and Greens can be a combined dish sold for $4.00. Hamburgers are made with Dry-aged local Angus beef. Sorry to burst your bubble, but “worm castings” aren’t some special dish from the food gods. Kathy essentially collects worm poop for you to have the most AMAZING garden! This process has good potential to become a multimedia piece/ feature story/ workshop.

Coffee (Packaged) *Specialty

$8.30        Bean              Full City, Vienna Roast

$8.60        Ground        French Roast, Espresso Blend

$8.90        Bean              Decaf FR, Hazelnut, Highlander Grogg (Butterscotch, Nut, Caramel)

$9.20        Ground         Decaf FR, Turkish (ground only)

*Alyse taught me a neat trick for remembering coffee prices: The price of all packaged coffee starts at $8.30 and increases by $.30 for ground, additional $.30 for Bean Specialty and an additional $.30 for ground Specialty.

To work at the AO booth  a few quick notes on booth duties should help you jump right:

Washing Dishes

  • Wipe off dry food with towel (Near Trash)
  • Wash dish in “wash water” — wash water is made with hot water and a few drops of Dawn
  • Rinse in cold bath — cold water needs a few drops of bleach
  • Air dry on rack

Running the Register

  • Working knowledge of product prices
  • From cash start at price of product and gather change up to amount of cash given to you.Count needed change first. For example someone buys a 12 oz bag of cashews and they give you a $20. Grab two quarters to get to $8. Then, grab cash to add up to $20 and this is the customer’s change.


This quick log will help you understand a glimpse of the AO booth, but to understand all the aspects you will have to get out in the field. Hope this has helped!


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