Sweet Beef Bologna – Regular



Our famous sweet beef bologna, mild with a note of garlic.

Full stick – $24.00

1/2 stick – $14.00

(Full sticks guaranteed to be 1.24 lbs minimum before cooking, 1/2 sticks 0.62 lbs minimum.  Some weight is lost in the smoking/cooking process.  Full sticks are approximately 1lb after cooking, half sticks approx 1/2 lb)


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Full stick $24.00, 1/2 stick $14.00


Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs

Serving Suggestions

Our bologna is a great trail food or snack! Try it with cheese and crackers, on sandwiches, grilled, in stews, sliced into Mac and Cheese, or on our famous Cheezy Grits!

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